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Community Development

Grassroots Organisation: Voluntary Institute for Rural Development (VIRD)

Location: Anugul, Odisha, India

Date of VisitDecember 2015


My first stop was at short stay home for destitute women. It offers temporary refuge to helpless women and their children who are no longer welcome in their own homes. Apart from daily food and other items are provided by VIRD. They also receive vocational training in sewing and making incense sticks.  Some women are also self-employed in the local tailor shops and earned some money.

In Athamallik, they have already formed Self Help Groups (SHG), comprising poor people who do not have access to formal financial institutions. VIRD has allocated 2 goats each to 30 beneficiaries from the marginalized community, mostly tribal people below the poverty line. Red chilli and banana crops were cultivated as sources of economy generation. The aim of this project is socio-economic development of these people through small inputs such as agricultural support, water harvesting structures and small livestock.

I was extremely satisfied the inspection VIRD, their operation and work ethics. I think they genuinely care about the welfare of the people and the community they are serving.

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