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Disaster Management

Grassroots Organisation: Jhai Foundation

Location: Assam, India

Date of Visit:


Jhai foundation is working on community development in regions worst effected by flood in Assam. Being a native of Assam I know that floods are a serious issue every year causing tremendous damage to life and property. Some of the interesting work done by Jhai Foundation are –

1) Growing of crops like dal which fetch more money to farmers as these lands are very fertile

2) The fertile lands do not need any chemical input for agriculture and so the produce is organic. The organization is helping farmers sell their produce in the Organic markets of cities like Guwahati.

3) Creating community awareness on epidemics during flood, improving community preparedness for floods, RTI etc

4) A medical doctor on duty with a boat service

Overall it was an amazing experience meeting Abdul Kalam  Azad and Aman Wadud of Jhai Foundation and knowing about the kind of work they are doing.


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